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Aiexports LLP was incorporated in England and Wales in 2009. Our mission is to sell or supply to customers in the UK, Europe and Africa top quality, fairly used and new electronic products.

Aiexports LLP main activity is the selling of top quality consumer electronics with laptops being our main selling product.

You may refer to Aiexports LLP as the authentic "nexus between the main factors of trading". We do trade mostly in branded products but we also trade in high-quality unbranded goods.  

Our goal is to be fair, treat every transaction with a high level of professionalism by providing high quality products and services as well as maintain trust, honesty and reliability between us and our customers.

The Aiexports Team.

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Shop online at, where online transaction is secure and safe. Aiexports LLP main activity is the selling, distributing, and wholesaling of top quality consumer electronics for international buyers, re-sellers, manufacturers, and sellers. Authentic International Exports sells Laptop & Notebooks on behalf of companies in administration, and on behalf of companies who are upgrading their systems. Aiexports LLP provide exports services as well. Aiexports LLP is a company you may want to refer to as the "nexus between the main factors of international trading". Aiexports LLP prides itself in making its customers happy. As a result, Aiexports LLP believes that a few trusted, verified, and authentic customers are worth more than a thousand unhappy clients. This is the reason Aiexports LLP has to be sure that all its customers are satisfied. So go ahead and shop with confidence. Please, read as well our Terms and Conditions of use of this website. Website is maintained by Aiexports LLP. Registered in England & Wales no OC342553.
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